Judi Monterey Playmates

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Playmate Judi Monterey admits she knows next to nothing about cars, but she does know plenty about men and dating. Calling her idea of the perfect date a filet mignon dinner followed by the dog track and a Paul Newman or Frank Sinatra flick over banana ice-cream, the petite brunette says if her man plays his cards right, he could take her for breakfast in the morning. “Banana ice-cream is a turn-on for me,” says our all-natural Playmate of the Month. “What do I like in a man? I like a man who’s an individual and has a good sense of humor. I dislike when men are possessive, conceit, ignorant and narrow-minded.” Coming from Bell, California, Judi was raised under the shining sun and has no plan to leave the West Coast and its beautiful weather any time soon. “I’ve always lived in California. In fact, I’ve never been farther south than Long Beach or farther north than Santa Barbara. I’ve also never been on a train, plane or boat!” admits our Miss January 1963 who has no intention of taking either form of transportation any time soon. “I’ve always wanted to be a professional model and perhaps advance in to acting. But, honestly, why would I travel when everything I need is here in California?” California is lucky to have lifelong resident Judi Monterey.