Playmate January 2018: Kayla Garvin

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Enter the dreamland that the photographer, Dove Shore, and Playmate, Kayla Garvin have created with her stunning spread as Miss January 2018. In many ways, this delicate and beautiful pictorial is the embodiment of the spirit Kayla exudes: sweet, beautiful, and free. With a feather tattoo on her forearm which is meant to symbolize freedom, Kayla explains that its presence is to remind her to keep life from getting too heavy or pinning her down. With an immense passion for freedom, art and adventure Kayla is everything you have ever dreamed of in a woman and more. “I’m up for anything…within reason,” she tells us with a little laugh. “I think my biggest fear is not living my life to the fullest, then getting older and looking back and thinking, ‘what did I do?’ I want to make sure I don’t look back with major regrets,” she says thoughtfully. And just with that mindset alone is why she took full advantage of being our Miss January 2018. “I always knew I wanted to be artistic in some way,” she says. Gaze at the beautiful art she has created, right here on Playboy Plus!